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Post your Roundup Photos Here

Wow, what a weekend!  Thanks to everybody who came for all of their hard work and enthusiasm for the premiere roughfishing gathering on earth.  Several interesting species were caught beyond the usual suspects.  I'm going to make an attempt at a roundup species list in another post.  Fishing was slow this year.  At the end of the three-hour contest, two anglers (D.T. and Eric Kol) were tied with 4 species apiece.  So, for the second year in a row, the contest went to a sudden-death fishoff. Eric won the sudden-death round with a smallmouth bass after about an hour, becoming the first person to take home the coveted Silver Redhorse Trophy twice. 

Frogchaser is going to compile some of the best pictures for the writeup, so please help her out and post your best pics in this thread for the official report!  You can do this by either making a gallery here, or linking to another gallery, at Picasa or something. 


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I love, love, love the group

I love, love, love the group photo and absolutely cannot wait to read the report! smiley!!!

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awww man. i had so much fun

awww man. i had so much fun this year. it was awesome to see new faces, reconnect with friends, and make new ones. D.T. was friendly enough to let me ride in his canoe this year again, i really appreciate that buddy. i got to see 2 awesome shovelnose sturgeon landed by tony s and eric kol. my species list was rainbow and brown trout, white sucker, northern hog sucker, smallmouth bass, mooneye, and stonecat.


sven sundgaard


here's my photo dump, enjoy





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The ONLY picture that matters to me...

This is the only picture I took that really mattered to me. At least I came close. And to you my friend, a super big congrats!

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MooneyeMags I guess.....

I had fun, it was good seeing you all again and visiting that beautiful area.  I didn't catch many species, but did alright.  I got a Shovelnose out of my kayak, got a nice Rainbow Trout and caught a ton of Mooneye, including my biggest.  I caught 8 frickin' Mooneye during the contest and 1 Rainbow.  Moons were lovin' my presentation I guess.  I couldn't fanagle a Hogsucker for my life, even though others caught multiples.  I had a Largemouth Bass up to shore and it got off, so thats kind of rare for the Root.  I never even caught a Redhorse this weekend.  Til' next time, heres my pics.















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I give up, didn't work!

I give up, didn't work!

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Here ya go Mags

Reposted for MuskyMags

















It doesn't matter what you're fishing for, just as long as you're out there doing it.

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Photos from Heidi















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I forgot my camera so the

I forgot my camera so the only pic I have is of this sleep deprived deranged man with a Shovelnose taken by Avid:


I had a great time though - always fun to hang out with people.  Times like that remind me that I fish alone a little too often.  Oh and Pat-the-nat's muskie baits look awesome!  I can't wait to give them a swim...

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More Photos!





















This bunch of rods has a spooky Blair Witch vibe



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Here are RiverRat's pics so

Here are RiverRat's pics so the $h1t can be avoided =)













It is all perspective!

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Cool cool cool, awesome

Cool cool cool, awesome awesome awesome.

Really like them Shovelnose shots Mags, second one is really cool.

What species snake is that?

A bloody fat Mooneye Mags, nice one.

Fiddle rippin'em up, like that shot.

Corey workin the camera, like that one.

Corey with the judge stance with Frogchaser, that one is real cool too.

Who found the Morels?

Nice seein these shots, lookin forward to makin it next year.



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Looks like a bull snake...

Looks like a bull snake... Doc and avery were trying to catch some swimming around while battling mooneye madness.

"It is better to die on your feet than to live on your knees" -Emiliano Zapata

Jason E.
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No pics to add, just a few

No pics to add, just a few reflections and memories (seemed appropriate enough for this forum):

1. Cool to see Mitch pull in a giant brown trout and a big smallmouth bass.   He returned the bass to the water in a rather unceremonious fashion, to which Avid aptly replied, "I guess now we know what you think of bass."

2. Dutch pulling in a zillion hogsuckers on Friday night, while all I caught was a small bullhead (but see #4 below).

3. Superfrog's sneaky rainbow that dove through the rocks and cost him a species during the contest.

4. Catching a black bullhead on Friday night. Might not seem like much, but if perfectly fulfilled my goal of catching something a little bit unusual for the Root River.  Also caught a decent channel cat on Sat. night.

5. Doc catching, fileting, and eating a sauger within what seemed like less than 5 minutes.

6. Avery rocking the contest with 3 species caught.

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OK, so I'm a couple months late to reply to this...

But this is great stuff. Just makes me wish so much more that I could attend some year.

Some year I will.


So much cool stuff here. Eric's Shovelnose, Eric reclaiming his crown, Bad-ass snake, Sleep deprived deranged man, Lotsa Mooneye, Hogs, Heidi's Root Slam.


Wonderful stuff.

Fishn sure is neat

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Twas' a Fox Snake!

Twas' a Fox Snake!