Please add Wolffish, Anarhichas lupus

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Anarhichas lupus
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Not so common now. There is currently a moratorium on keeping. This one was caught on a head boat out of Gloucester, Mass. (I won the pool!)

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Susquehannock's picture

What an epic fish! Those teeth, the giant tadpole tail, the crazy pattern on its flank, the big black eyes... Holy crap that's awesome.


uconn fishmate's picture

Amen. Wolffish have the weirdest teeth.  In the front there are rows of nipper teeth like a wrasse. Back farther in their mouths, they have a single row on each side of molar like teeth on the bottom jaw that are fused together.  In the centeof the top of the mouth is a massive bone plate that's like a fist.  The "fist" fits between the lower "molars" for a perfect crushing bite.  It's all designed pefectly to eat large clams.