Please add Vimba, Vimba vimba

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Vimba vimba
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Ohboyohboyohboy!!! Been wanting one of these for years. And got a biggun for my lifer, too!

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Mike B's picture

Incredibly looking fish Dutchman. Never heard of it which makes it all the more cooler.

mike b

Dr Flathead's picture

Looks like a whitefish family relative.  Sweet catch man.  Never heard of it either.

Hengelaar's picture

Really only the shape/outline is a bit whitefish-like (minus adipose, of course). It's a Cyprinid, so they're not related. Very different fish. And I'm happy to tell you they don't smell like whitefish, either!


Tellyawhat is extra cool: of all the pics I've seen of dudes catching em in this country, none of em were close to this size! I got extra lucky there!


Actually, you have heard of em before, man. Cos I remember telling ya about em, and how I really wanted to catch one, but that there wasn't much chance. That was quite  few years ago, though, and their numbers have steadily been increasing. Cool stuff. It's one of those eastern species, that slowly made their way west, down the River Rhine, after the Rhine-Main-Danube Canal opened. The Asp is another one of those.

Fishn sure is neat

Mike B's picture

Haha, whitefish smell BAAAAAAD. Congrats again man.

mike b

philaroman's picture

smoked whitefish smells DELICIOUS  :) :) :)  BTW, Russian delies pass off cold-smoked whitefish as vimba -- smells & tastes better than the few petrified real vimba that actually make it over to N. America

P.E.T.A. sucks!!!  Plants are living things, too -- they're just easier to catch!

andy's picture

Vimba vimba, i like that. What a unique fish, both in appearance and naming! Congrats.

Hengelaar's picture

Those are my favorite names! The double-ups.

Vimba vimba

Tinca tinca

Lota lota

Aspius aspius

Barbus barbus

Carassius carassius

Catostomus catostomus

Etcetera etcetera


What category you think it should go in? It's a Cyprinid, but doesn't have barbels. You think minnows and allies? Eh, wherever ya wanna put it is cool. I'm just thrilled I caught it!

Fishn sure is neat

Susquehannock's picture

That thing is epic looking.


Goldenfishberg's picture

ANNND the NEAT AWARD of the day goes to.....!!!!!!

Ya just Can't catch um from the couch.

Dr Flathead's picture

Oh yeah, now I remember you talking about this fish and how you wanted one.  I think we were talking about what was left for possible lifers in your area.  Cut that things head off and its a deep bodied cisco.  Cool looking fish!

the pyromaniac's picture

About 5 years ago you predicted on here that you'd probably never get this fish.  Congrats for getting the monkey off your back!




Let there be fire!

IsaacsFishingCorner's picture

That thing is so cool looking! Awesome catch