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I caught this fish on russel fields pier in Panama City, Florida on a recent vacation. Nobody at the pier knew what it was and I had trouble finding any information on fish of this size. Caught near the bottom on a tiny piece of squid.
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Sorry, the only thing I'm fairly certain about is that it's a juvenile.  That always makes it tough because body proportions and markings can be very different from the adult.  Too bad we can't see the fin shapes. 

My intial impresion was drum or porgy, but I could be way off.

If I really wanted to know what this was, I would contact the State Marine Fisheries and see if they can steer you to someone who's been involved in an inshore fish survey, one where they've looked at a lot of juvenile fishes.

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Yeah I didn’t think about it. I was focused on that strange teal patch. That’s a good idea. I’ll post my findings should I get a response. 

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Juvenile Fishes are very tough, especially saltwaters. I have four different books about saltwater fishes of that area and they're not much use.