Please add Tallapoosa Redeye Bass, Micropterus tallapoosae

Common Name: 
Tallapoosa Redeye Bass
Scientific Name: 
Micropterus tallapoosae
Main Photo: 
Caught in Tallapoosa drainage.
Species Assigned: 
Bass, Tallapoosa
Adult Size : 
Proposed Species Group: 
Black Basses
Region Caught: 
The South
Closed Without Identification: 


Corey's picture

I will add the species right away!

fishfunkk's picture

Thanks Corey. I admit I'm still not thrilled about M. coosae being split into separate spp. based on genetic differences in the drainages. I wonder what implications that has for other fish spp. as we delve further into next-gen genome work. But still, I guess it makes the black bass slam more fun. Add four more redeyes to your lifelist, Fish Heads.