Please add Reticulated Flagtail, Kuhlia sandvicensis

Common Name: 
Reticulated Flagtail
Scientific Name: 
Kuhlia sandvicensis
Main Photo: 
Additional Photos: 
Caught in Oahu hawaii Waimea beach on the north shore

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I’ve done some looking and I’ve found that Hawaiian Flagtail actually refers to two species kuhlia sandvicensis and kuhlia xenura.   And Hawaiian Flagtail is what is listed in saltwater micros

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I’ve also seen stuff that says Hawaiian flagtail are a species of their own too. So I’m not sure what to add or classify

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The Reticulated Flagtail has a reticulated or checkered patterning dorsally (mainly on head), the Hawaiian Flagtail does not. Cannot tell which species from these photos. This being said; the Hawaiiam flagtail is much more common (and endemic). Cool catch!

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Yeah it had the pattern on it’s head, thanks!

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I'm calling this a Reticulated based on the report of dorsal head markings, straight cephalic profile, lack of red eye shine, and pure white venter. Also, I'm reassigning the Hawaiian Flagtail, Kuhlia xenura to the Standard Category instead of micro. Both species are deep-bodied fish reaching ten inches or more so I assume they weigh a pound and are commonly pursued in the surf on conventional tackle.




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Sweet thanks!