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Silver or golden redhorse?

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Michieldewit's picture

Thing that is really throwing me off is the lateral scale count. I come to like 70 scales. That seems like a lot for a redhorse.

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Hmmm starting to think it is a white sucker now...

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White sucker. 

What state was it caught in? 


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Sorry, this was in southern ontario

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Yeah, 100% white sucker. They have smaller scales (and thus also significantly more lateral scales) than redhorse.

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Awesome thanks guys

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The scales on a redhorse will be the same size from front to back. A white sucker has smaller scales near the head and they get larger as you move toward the tail.


Redhorse ID cheatsheets, gars, suckers:

2019: 34 days fishing 45 species 13 lifers. 2018: 39/40/5 2017: 49/52/14

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Very helpfull thanks