Please add Redear Sunfish or something else?,

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Redear Sunfish or something else?
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Maybe it’s because it’s so small or from a different area that it has a different look than I’m used to or maybe it’s not a Shellcracker…. I’m not certain. Caught at Tannehill State Park in McCalla, Alabama.
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With all the back crossing that happens in Lepomis it's hard to say what all could be in this one

2017: Total species (44), New (12)
2018: Total species (94), New (50)
2019: Total species (113), New (49)
2020: Total species (63), New (9)
2021: Total species (72), New (10)
2022: Total species (120), New (42)

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Maybe something new for the books!  It's a good one!