Please add Northern Sunfish OR Longear Sunfish?,

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Northern Sunfish OR Longear Sunfish?
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I’m confused because the ear flap is clearly angled up at 45* instead of horizontal like a Longear Sunfish. I would call it a Northern Sunfish but I caught it in southern Alabama. Or is it another type completely? #26 hook and a piece of Red Worm
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My best guess would be a Dollar Sunfish, though it could just be a weird looking Longear

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Not a Northern.  Could be a Dollar, could be a Longear.  Once you get down into the Gulf Coast drainage you'd be getting whatever Gulf Coast variants of those species.  A lot of subspecies/splits between those species that I personally can't keep track of.  A few other people on here do though, hopefully they see it and chime in

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Thank you for ruling out the Northern Sunfish.  I appreciate you both for the feedback!