Please add Kanawha sculpin, Cottus Kanawhae

Common Name: 
Kanawha sculpin
Scientific Name: 
Cottus Kanawhae
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Caught it in Sinking creek at Newport park, Virginia (Giles county) on 12/13/2018. Sinking creek is a tributary of the New River where this fish is endemic. Also, it was interesting how the mottled sculpins were exclusively seen in the swift shallow water at the end of the glide while the Kanawhas were seen at the top of the glide amongst the larger rocks. Characteristics used to ID this sculpin against other local cottus species were presence of relatively well defined bands, chin mottling present, lack of two large first dorsal spots, well developed preopercular spines, and a relatively long head. Also I kept it for my aquarium.

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