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Common Shiner??
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Caught yesterday in a tributary of Lac Memphrémagog on the Quebec-Vermont border. I have caught Common Shiner before, but eight hours west of this location. I have not seen with red fin tips before, but all my searching points towards Common Shiner. Can anyone verify?

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I noticed a few Striped Shiner pics on the lifelist pages here have red/orange tipped fins on them.  But it looks like the area you caught this fish from is slightly out of the Striped Shiners range.  Thats about the only other fish it could be besides a common shiner in my opinion.

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If you look at some of the common shiners from Maryland and other areas of the east coast, they have really red fin tips.





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Thank you both for the clarification ... I rarely get into a micro.  Could really use some practice on ID-ing them.  Much appreciated!

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It would have to be a common.


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I have caught common shiners all the way up in northern Minnesota 10 miles from the canadian border that have also had these red fin tips while in their spawning colors.



Ya just Can't catch um from the couch.