Please add Bonytail Chub, Gila elegans

Common Name: 
Bonytail Chub
Scientific Name: 
Gila elegans
Main Photo: 
Species Assigned: 
Chub, Bonytail
Adult Size : 
Proposed Species Group: 
Minnows and Allies
Region Caught: 
North America
Closed Without Identification: 


Jknuth's picture

Thanks Mike
It was a total shock. I actually caught two withing 15 min of eachother. I was just drifting a worm seeing what was out there. 
Total luck. 

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Sorry Corey 
Didnt see it in there. Was looking for Bonytail chub not Bonytail

Hengelaar's picture

Just a fantastic catch.

Congrats, man.

Look at it.

Fishn sure is neat

Corey's picture

Josh, I changed it to conform to the other Gila species - Chub, Bonytail