Please add Alabama bass, Micropterus henshalli

Common Name: 
Alabama bass
Scientific Name: 
Micropterus henshalli
Main Photo: 
Additional Photos: 
I'm pretty darn sure this is an Alabama bass. It has an elongated Cadual, pointy fins and was caught within the Mobile Basin in Alabama.
Species Assigned: 
Bass, Alabama
Adult Size : 
Proposed Species Group: 
Black Basses
Region Caught: 
North America
Closed Without Identification: 


Graceclaw's picture

Cool-looking fish with those pointy fins. That aint no Largemouth.

2018 Goals:
Quillback (Check)
10#+ Flathead Catfish
5 New Standard Species (Current Count: 6 - Check)

andy's picture

Time to add that black bass to the website!