Pikeminnow, Sacramento Michael Spencer

Pikeminnow, Sacramento
Russian River, CA. invasive
Date Caught: 
Saturday, May 30, 2015


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I may be wrong, but I thought Sacramento Pikeminnow was a native fish to CA?

They're native to certain waters, but I believe they're an invasive species to this particular watershed. If they're native, there are a lot more of them than there used to be, and they're definitely outcompeting our native salmonids. 

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Sacramento Pikeminnow:

Native Range: Clear Lake, Russian, Sacramento-San Joaquin, Pajaro-Salinas, and upper Pit River drainages, California

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^^^ Was me, apparently my wife was still logged in on my box from contest registration...

data via (they are introduced a few places in CA):



Congrats BTW, I'd love to catch one of those




According to fish and game and most other info I can find, they're an invasive species to the Russian River watershed. I know they're native to the rivers that make up and run into the Delta, but I'm not sure what their actual status is on the Russian. I do know there are a LOT more of them than there were years ago, and some folks still offer a bounty on them.... 

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Gotcha.  The NAS site says they are native to that drainage but can't say I know for sure either way.  Are those rivers altered/dammed like the ones to the north where Northern Pikeminnow have increased so much?

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Now there's a fish I'd LOVE to catch.

Preferably a biggun, though...

Fishn sure is neat

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Now thats cool