Pikeminnow, Sacramento Honeyboy

Pikeminnow, Sacramento
San Joaquin River @Ward Cut
Date Caught: 
Friday, July 18, 2014


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Super cool- nice catch!

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Wow, that's a species not often seen.  What did you catch that sacramento pikeminnow on?  I'd love to see more photos if you've got any!

Added a new photo with a closeup on the head. You can kind of see the mouth better which you can use to ID it from the very similiar hardhead minnow.

I catch a few here and there on artificials but the best bait for me by far is chicken liver. I like to buy it fresh where I can look at it, no yellow or pale livers. Alot of guys don't use it because it targets smaller striper and other fish like pikeminnow, but they are all fun to catch to me. I will try to get better pictures and post them.

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Really cool fish!

Can't wait to see more of those.

Fishn sure is neat

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Love seeing the different pike-minnows

mike b