a pig of a Pikeminnow

Wednesday, September 24, 2014
Pikeminnow, Northern
between 4 and 5 Pounds, 22 inches

While trying to bottomfish for suckers, I hooked into this beast. It fought, pulled, and ran like a trout. While these fish have a very bad name in large, salmon-run rivers, I think they are very interesting and great to catch. Excluding carp, Pikeminnow are the "top shit" of the Minnow family!


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Man that is an AWESOME pikeminnow. Look at the hump on that thing!! I've only caught them up to maybe 3/4lb but they were still very neat. That one is outstanding.

I don't understand why they have such a bad rap on the west coast...well ok, it's because most trout/salmon fly anglers are retards. I'd be thrilled to catch one like that one day. The Fraser must have a few absolute pigs in it.




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Wow, what an awesome pikeminnow! I'm with Eli, I don't understand how anglers can turn down a fish like that. If I ever land one like that I'm getting a replica mounted. Cheers Gabe!

mike b

andy's picture

I agree that's most likely the coolest species living in that stretch of river.  Nice catch Gabe!

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Wow man that thing is nuts! Nice catch man.

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Sweet, dude! What a beauty! Damnnn, look at the HEAD on it!

Gah, I'd love me one of those.....

Fishn sure is neat

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I love this fish. What a fantastic bruiser. Read my story about the Colorado Pikeminnow if you haven't already! This one you caught makes me think you had a little taste of the thrill of the mega-pikeminnow, more than anybody else I've seen!

over here in montana we have a five pound average and occasionally we get eight pounders. we catch them on crayfish meat.

Eli's picture

Please post photos of 5-8lb pikeminnows!! I'd love to see them beasts.