Photos uploading upside down

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Photos uploading upside down
Howdy, I'm not sure if I'm doing something wrong, but every photo I try to upload via the "Add Lifelist Entry" rotates the photo 90-180 degrees so the image always ends up on its side or upside down. Regardless of whether the original image is uploaded right-side-up or upside down it always ends up incorrectly oriented when uploading.
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I just uploaded an updated picture to one of my lifelist entries and worked fine.  So it might be platform dependant, details might help.  Are you uploading from a Phone or Computer?  Does the issue follow if you upload from a different platform?

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Also uploaded one normally, it seems to be working correctly.

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I've noticed this

I've noticed this occasionally as well. It seems to only happen when it's an image that was originally sideways and then was rotated, somehow it keeps the original orientation in the metadata or something. A dummy fix is to just take a screenshot of the photo when it is in the correct orientation and upload that haha.