Peruse Lifelists by Species (future release)

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Peruse Lifelists by Species (future release)

Killer site - how can it be improved on!  And the life lists rock.  I'm thinking a cool feature in release 4.0 would be a species-centric view of the life lists.  It would be handy to be able to pull up all the pic of species xyz, and see how many have been entered, and by whom.  Easy for me to ask since I don't have to do the programming and database work to make it happen.

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That sort of exists already.

That sort of exists already. If you click on the fish species list link (under Navigation on the left side menu) and then click on a species you'll see lifelist entries of that species. Looks like it's just 10, not every one. That's probably fine for something like bluegill that's on everybody's list.

Perhaps there could be another column on the species list page showing the number of lifelists that include that species, and it could be a link that takes you to a gallery of all the lifelist entries for that species.


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