Personal best Tullibee

Monday, February 13, 2017
Cisco, Northern (Tullibee)
17 inches

Caught my lifer Tullibee on Saturday, and my PB on Monday, happy birthday to me! :)


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Awesome new lifer Tulibeast!!!  Happy Birthday!!

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andy's picture

Tullibee fishing is so much fun.  Congrats on a beast of a cisco.

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Thank you! They are so fun to catch, definitely my favorite thing I have caught this season.

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Wow, I didn't think Ciscos even got that large, great catch!

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Thanks! :) 

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That's a huge cisco!  Did you have it smoked?  They are really good that way, bony, but good.  Congrats on a new lifer and a big one too!

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Thanks! It's at the butcher shop getting smoked, I'm excited to try it :)