Personal Best Grassie

Monday, October 2, 2017
Carp, Grass

Wow. Still speechless with this mystical beast. I don't know how much the fishy gods were grinning today, but they smiled on me. Sightfished her picking around in rocks with a bread ball. She didn't even hesitate to slurp it in, which startled me a bit. Didn't fight all that hard, but the real fight began when she was netted. Went crazy the moment we got our hands on her. Thankfully she calmed for a picture and was quickly placed back in the water. Swam off strong.


Corey's picture

Awesome accomplishment.

Casey Shanaberger's picture

Thank you my good sir! it made my day to see this beast in my hands

Hengelaar's picture

Sight fished Grass Carp are the best Grass Carp!!

Casey Shanaberger's picture

Amen to that! Nothing better than seeing a 30 pound fish eating your bait

FP4LifesDad's picture

Killing it out there Casenator! Congrats buddy!

Casey Shanaberger's picture

Thank you! This one came as a huge surprise because grassies aren't typically active in the fall. You guys gotta make some trip down here to catch em next spring. Might not be a MN species, but they're big and fun and definitely a roughfish. Giant carpsuckers are what I call em.

FP4LifesDad's picture

For sure buddy!  Grassies are on our hitlist, and I've found not much on them in MN waters

roughfish29's picture

That's a beast dude nice fish!!!

Casey Shanaberger's picture

Thanks Ben! Makes up for a bad season with these guys for sure!