PB Shorthead Redhorse

Friday, April 17, 2020
20.75" and FAT

Was out at a local creek today, doing some social distancing fishing.  The shortheads were in - I caught 7 in about 90 minutes.  Two were over 20", and this big female wasn't the longest one I caught but she was SO plump that I'm calling this my new PB.  Not by length, because I've caught a few longer, but in the Sring pre-spawn condition this was a heck of a specimen.


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Nice shorty Andy. Glad you're getting some fish.

mike b

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Awesome Shorthead Andy! I've seen a couple of the biggest shortheads I've ever seen this spring as well!

"I swear if you catch another drum"

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Wow!  That thing is a tank, congrats buddy!

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Too bad that fish cannot be submitted for state record because that's what it deserves. I have learned to adhere to the never-say-never mantra when it comes to ultra-fantastic catches (never know when a 4 plus pound spotted sucker could surface), but I think it's pretty well accpeted that the MN state shorty record has about a 101% chance of being a misidentification. I wouldn't let that bother me though if I had that hoss in the net. Most impressive!