PB Pylodictus

Saturday, August 31, 2019
Catfish, Flathead

Definitely wasn't expecting to set the hook into my personal best flathead while drifting curlytails......


20 minute fight, safely released. 


Had a crowd of 30 people watching the whole fight. Crazy stuff.


curlytail mafiaaaaa


Awesome!  Great catch!

Graceclaw's picture

What a neat-colored fish! Wish I could have been there to witness that fight - I'm sure it was epic.

andy's picture

That is an awesome mudcat buddy!  Congrats.



Dan Morey's picture

Daytime on plastic, can't beat that!

Divemaster's picture

Cats on artificials are always a nice surprise, I’ve caught some of my largest specimens that way. Congrats on your PB!

2019 Species Goals:

Burbot (), Longnose Gar (X), Longear Sunfish (X), any Pickerel (X), 2 new Catostomids (), 5 new micros (X)