PB Greater Redhorse

Friday, October 16, 2015
Redhorse, Greater
9 plus

What a treat to hold the biggest redhorse of my life.  Even a bigger thrill when I first saw that thing come up to the surface of the water, it's been a while since a fish had my knees shaking! 


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Wicked greater




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They are such a damn cool fish. I'm dying. Congrats on the amazing catch!

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What a beast. Perfect specimen, too.

Magnificent! Hearty congratulations! Length? Girth? Any official state records broken with that catch?

andy's picture

That is a very beautiful fish.  Congrats!

Outdoors4life's picture

Good to see you out chasing fishies still! 

You have been chasing those greaters for a long time and a PB is a big deal.

It is all perspective!

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What a beautiful fish, Phil. And look at the fall colors, too.

Just a fantastic specimen. I knew there were tanks in there. I bet there might even be some tankier tanks than that...


Fishn sure is neat

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Nice greater Phil!  Shes a tanker!

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Don't forget to mention that it was your second PB of the day!

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Shots like that are what will turn redhorse into a protected gamefish.

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That is a lovely fish showing classic Greater features. Looks to be in good condition too, barely a scratch on her.

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Guys I'm kind of bummed, thought we got a measurement at the time... but I guess we failed to do that with all the excitement. That is one long fish, even for it's weight. Heck of a day, Phil also caught a 7 lb. 15 oz. specimen. 

"There's always a bigger fish"

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Thanks guys, I wish everyone could have been there to see that fish in person - and to Corey's point I wish those who need need to acquire more appreciation could have been there to experience a true gem of nature and an incredible angling experience.

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Phil, I hereby grant you the Golden Fish Award for this awesome catch.  It shows up on your bio page and links to the notable catch entry.  Congrats again!




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Awesome! That's one of the biggest redhorse I've ever seen!

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Daniel's picture

I want to catch this thing so bad

how did you catch that?

I believe in my family