PB Freshwater Drum

Thursday, June 10, 2010
Drum, Freshwater
15-18 lbs

Ah, freshwater drum - sheephead 'round these parts.  I have often said that they are my least favorite fish(next to walleye of course), but this awesome specimen changed my mind.  Caught during a St. Croix River kayak float trip with a friend from the Netherlands.  This fish is more than twice as big as any other drum I've caught, and I've caught thousands.


Hengelaar's picture

Took you down river quite a ways.

Plus you caught it from a spot where my bait had been -untouched- for about an hour before you showed up.I'm not bitter about that. Not bitter at all..........

Fishn sure is neat

bperks166's picture

I love to catch drum, not only for there fight but also they taste great.