The "Other" Black Bass

Thursday, December 27, 2018
Bass, Suwannee

I have been wanting to catch one of the "other" Black Bass for a while now, essentially something other than a Smallmouth or Largemouth. Unfortunately, most of them are only found relatively far south, many hours away from my home in Montreal. My first opportunity arose on my recent road trip down to Florida. We made very good time on the drive south and had an extra half-day to target Suwanee Bass in the drainage with the same name. The spot we stopped at had beautiful clear water, and it didn't take long before we started seeing them swim around! I got lucky, and within 30 minutes or so of fishing a light worm rig, I had one take the bait and I quickly pulled him out of the water :) I also caught my lifer Redear Sunfish at the same spot, a species I was not expecting to catch on this trip! Both were caught on very basic gear; 4lb mono with a small split shot and size 14 hook baited with a small piece of worm.


Susquehannock's picture

Nice catch. It's a really interesting fish; almost looks halfway between a largemouth and a smallmouth.


BradleyR's picture

Agreed! I find a lot of the less popular black bass look that way.

Matt Miller's picture

That is a beautiful fish. Fishing for native trout species/subspecies/strains is one of my favorite things. I love how cutthroat trout vary depending on habitat and drainage. The diversity of black basses is equally fascinating, and many of these species are found in small streams similar to trout. I have caught Guadalupe bass in the Texas Hill Country and that trip was a blast. I would love to do a dedicated "bass diversity" trip. One for the bucket list for sure.

BradleyR's picture

Absolutely! I'm hoping to do some kind of trip like that eventually as well...  I'd like to get a few of them on the fly, the habitat also reminds me of stream trout.