Sunday, February 5, 2017
Trout, Lake
Not Very

Today right before a blizzard and a long sled drag thru the woods with my dad and bro and after a day of no bites and a high of about 4 degrees and lots of freezing fingers, I had a flag go up on a tipup in about 70 feet of water, I got another lifer trout.  A small lake trout for my scrapbook, I felt bad for it because it was bleeding really bad and had inhaled the shiner we used for bait, it came unhooked really easily, but was bleeding so bad we knew it wouldn't live, so even though it was little we kept it because we aren't wasters.

This one is notable, atleast for me haha, I know she is small but I got one, because I only have one species of trout left to catch for my book that MN has a state record for, and according to my dad one that will be almost impossible to find and even harder to catch, the tiger.  Rainbow, brook, brown, splake, and now a laker.  We tried all the lake trout tricks we'd heard of and luckily ONE tipup went off out of 4, no bites on jigs or anything else we think the weather going from nice to really really cold might have slowed them down, anyway here's my last MN, non hybrid trout species! 8)


Outdoors4life's picture

No Lake Trout for me today. 
Any day out is great. IT is about the journey, not the destination.

Corey's picture

You got 'em! You'll have a great shot at getting a new personal best for that species next time you fish for them!

iliketofish's picture

Not a big one for sure, but it's a heck of a lot bigger than any lake trout i've ever caught (0...). So good job! It counts :)

FishingPals4Life's picture

Thanks guys!!  We have some good friends in Canada where are old cabin was that might be putting a trip together in March for some big lake trout and whitefish too.  Hopefully we will get to go, oh and it wiill be warmer! 8)

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Nice fish, there's no ice in Pennsylvania right now and I really wish I could be out there. This is pretty weird because the beginning of February is usually pretty reliable around here.

FishingPals4Life's picture

Thank you sir!  Sorry to hear you guys don't have good ice yet our weather has been crazy this year too, but tropical minnesota always makes ice lol

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Conrgats buddy!! Awesonme lifer! How many lifers have you got through the ice this year?? I feel like its at least 3! Awesome accomplishment to get all your non-hybrid MN trout species! Whats the next target for you? 

FishingPals4Life's picture

Thanks Goldy!  This one makes 5, yellow bass, burbot, splake, rainbow smelt and now a laker all in 2017 so far!  I only have the impossible tiger and I'll have all the MN trout complete for my book.  Next on our hitlist is white crappies in southern MN and hopefully we can get some lake whitefish going next month, those are whats left for my ice goals until the snow melts this year!!  It's been really great so far!!

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Nice Char, dude, my favorite species of fish! You'll almost certainly get a new PB next time, Lakers get much bigger, though that's still a nice first fish for that species!