Old Berkeley Rod Identification / Information

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Old Berkeley Rod Identification / Information

Just got hold of my brother-in-law’s Spinning Rod that my sister bought him back when they started dating in .....1984!

He never did much fishing, but he wants to go out and give it another try, so I plan on taking him out along with my nephew. My brother-in-law wants to use the old Rod for sentimental reasons.

i want to find a new reel for it, but I’m having problems figuring out the specs on the Rod.

It’s a Berkeley SG30. 6’6” Fiberglass Rod.  I can make out “  lure weight 1/8 - ?/4” on the blank.  I think the “?” Is a 3, but can’t be sure.  

Does anyone have any recommendations or where to find more information on line weight, action type, etc;



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Could it be a Berkley SP-30

Could it be a Berkley SP-30 instead of SG? I'm not personally familiar with either of those rods but a lure weight recommendation of 1/8-3/4oz is common for medium power rods. Since it is a fiberglass rod from the mid 80s, I would guess that the action is fairly slow; something like medium. Action is pretty easy to test yourself thouhg. For line, I would recommend something in the 6-14 lb mono range (or equivilent diameter).