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Numbers 2017

All in all, 2017 was a pretty good year for me. I got out pretty much and caught more species than I usually do, and I actually tallied it all up this time. I said early in the year that I'd post the numbers, so I'll do that, but I won't give the number of individuals of each species because I'm to lazy to count up all the green sunfish and creek chubs.

I at least took a few casts 151 days out of this year, which sort of bugs me because it's not nearly as many as I thought it would be, and caught a grand total of 31 species of fish. Here is the species list, organized categorically and otherwise based on when I caught them:


Freshwater standard species:


Largemouth Bass

Creek Chub


White Sucker

Brown Trout

Channel Catfish

Black Crappie

Redbreast Sunfish

Rainbow Trout

Common Carp

Smallmouth Bass

Green Sunfish

Rock Bass


Brook Trout

Hybrid Sunfish


Chain Pickerel

Brown Bullhead

Yellow Bullhead


Saltwater Standard Species:

Striped Bass


Hickory Shad

Black Sea Bass



Mimic Shiner

Satinfin Shiner

Silver Shiner

River Chub

Spotfin Shiner

Common Shiner


I really hope Moose or somebody doesn't post one of these...

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2017 final scores = decent year

Wow! 151 days? That's triple what I was able to do in 2017. I had only 48 days with at least a little fishing. Caught 52 species (9 of them saltwater), of which 14 were lifers (5 of the lifers were from saltwater). Tried microfishing a couple times. It's hard for me to take time out from fishing to switch to micro, but I do think I could grow to tolerate it in some situations. 

Most exciting lifer of the year was a June Wisconsin River Lake Sturgeon, and I managed to catch two of them in the same spot about 5 minutes apart. Another highly desired lifer was the Southern Puffer I caught last week (on New Year's Eve--just under the wire). My daughter caught one a year ago, so I spent a year being jealous. She caught 3 last week, but I was happy with the one. Rounding out the top 3 lifers is Chain Pickerel, caught in a Missouri pond of crystal clear water. I had a crankbait fly off my line (bad knot or damaged line--can't remember), so I cast another one to try to snag it. Though numerous pickerel had been only mildly interested in expertly presented cranks, one decided to hit two lures tangled together. 

Both my daughters had better ratios than I did: Iris caught 29 species, 14 of them lifers, in 20-25 days with fishing; Greta caught 13 species, 6 of them lifers, in about 15 outings. I have cool kids. 


Lake Sturgeon:

Southern Puffer:


Redhorse ID cheatsheets, gars, suckers:

2019: 34 days fishing 45 species 13 lifers. 2018: 39/40/5 2017: 49/52/14