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<p>Hello everyone, like the title said Im not a new member I was formerly omarfishesegypt but I deleted it. so to the webmaster if you can can you delete my old posts and&nbsp; other info if you can but if you cant that is ok</p> <p>I know on my old account I didnt post much fishing reports or expedition reports but 2013 is gonna&nbsp;be different this spring and summer I am going to fish long island fresh and salt ALOT and the next summer I might be finally be going to Egypt again so that is exciting</p> <p>you do not know how happy I am to be back on this site, I had personal business to handle but everything is done and fine. very good to be back, 2013 is gonna be 20 fishteen <img alt="smiley" height="20" src="" title="smiley" width="20" /></p> <p>great fishing,omar</p>
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I'm not sure starting to post

I'm not sure starting to post after a month hiatus warrants a name change, but to each their own. Less talking, more fishing or else you'll become an armchair angler =o

Dr Flathead
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I'd like to have an armchair

I'd like to have an armchair at my favorite fishin hole......smiley  I love this smiley.  It reminds me of someone, but I cant think of who they were anymore.

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The anticipation is killing

The anticipation is killing me! Ken

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Welcome back Omar! Looking forward to seeing some Huge striper photos! @ doc n Muskymags...What ever happend to Ken?



The gods do not subtract the alotted span in men's lives the hours spent in fishing.