New rule clarification please

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New rule clarification please
<p>Did I read properly that we can fish with multiple hooks on a line this year, up to 3?&nbsp; So does this mean my catfish rigs can have 2 hooks, one for cutbait and the other with crawlers?&nbsp; We can jig deepwater ciscos with 3 jigs tied to a dropper?</p>
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I thought i read that to
I thought i read that to along with your new AIS sticker in your boat...visible mind you.

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You might have read the first

You might have read the first statement right..


Page 4 of the 2012 Regulations-
New Regulations for 2012
Multiple hooks allowed on a single line (page 9 )

But if you actually go to page 9, it says:


Single Tackle Configuration.  Anglers may use up to three single or multiplepronged (example - treble) hooks on a line used as a single tackle configuration 
attached to the end of a fishing line (Examples – crawler harness, quick-strike 
rig. See pictures on page 63)
The key working is "Single Tackle Configuration".  To me that means having a single piece of bait (the crawler, cut sucker or live bullie) attached to all the hooks.  Not a a seperate bait for each hook.  
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just makes quick strikes and worm harnesses legal without the goofy blades and beads.  No multiple bait rigs - unless you are fly fishing for trout or sunfish, multi-fly has long been legal for whatever reason

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Theres grey area there, depends on individuals interpretations.

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This is one of the foggy

This is one of the foggy issues in the new regs.  Sometimes, I'll cram two types of bait onto a single hook.  For example, I use a nightcrawler, and something nibbles most of it off.  I'll add a waxworm or two to compensate.  Or, I'll create a kebob using corn and waxworms when fishing for carp.  Does this no longer fall under the "single tackle configuration" definition?  Or, is adding multiple hooks the key factor here?  What if I use three waxworms, one on each hook?  Or a nightcrawler harness with 1 nightcrawler plus 1 garden worm?