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nature photos
<p>Just wondering if we could get going a little sub-forum dedicated to wildlife/nature photos. We&#39;re steadily getting more and more into outdoor photography and I&#39;m sure there are other members here who are into it as well.</p> <p>Just thought it would be fun to showcase and see everyone&#39;s work...</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p><img alt="" src="" /></p> <p><img alt="" src="" /></p> <p><img alt="" src="" /></p>
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Wow, Eli! Those are some really great shots. It's so hard to get nice pics of birds and other animals! Here's a few of my favorite outdoor photos:


Pine Marten at Hartley Nature Center, Duluth


Gray treefrog in my parents' yard in Wisconsin


Crazy caterpillar in Congaree Swamp, SC


Mating millipedes in Congaree Swamp, SC


Goose on Hartley Pond, Duluth


Pelican grooming feathers in Myrtle Beach, SC


Snake near Bear Lake on the Lake Superior Hiking Trail


Sprouting in Hartley Nature Center, Duluth


Birch trees in Duluth, MN


Friend's dog through spider web in Hartley Nature Center, Duluth


View from Rock Knob, Hartley Nature Center (one of my very favorite places!)


Perfect night for a sauna at the cabin

Mike B
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Here are some nature shots

Here are some nature shots from my wife and I's recent trip to Florida.

Dragonfly on the Tamiami Trail

American alligators running wild and in the streets

Roseate spoonbills

Green-backed heron

Softshell turtle with sore looking carapace

Anoles of one kind or another

American crocodile

Baby crocodile suns itself in a creek

Anhinga birds in a mangrove tree -- Everglades

Another Anhinga

Everglade cattails

mike b

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Great idea Eli, and some

Great idea Eli, and some great shots by all of you. I've been progressively getting more into photagraphy and will definately add to this as well before long.

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Nice! Let keep this going. I'm sure there are hundreds of great photos waiting to be shared...


thirsty doe on a summer afternoon


Bonaparte's gulls


muskie hole


spotted sandpiper



barn swallow chicks


great egret


common garter snake






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Cool stuff!

That reflection pic of the geese is tits. I have been tryin to get a good reflection pic for years. The kind that if ya turn it upside down it looks the same.

Nice pics everyone. I like this idea of posting some nature pics too. Lemme see what I got in the files.

Neighbors shed at sunset.

Momma and her newborn

Hungry coon.

Grasshopper, snatch the pepple from my hand.

This is from an evening stand deer hunting in S.E. Mn.