My Indiana black buff oasis

Wednesday, March 3, 2021

The temperature reached 60 degrees here today so I took the opportunity to visit one of my favorite spots, an oxbow lake in Indiana filled with black buffalo, bowfin, common carp, and all three brands of gar. This lake is close enough to the river that heavy flooding allows for river fish to get in but only on rare occasion. I believe it was a gravel pit, so it is deep and sustains populations of roughfish year-round. As my first sunburn of the year was starting to set it, I was rewarded with the two handsome black buffalo seen below, as well as quite a few carp not pictured. I figured I would share to let all the Northerners know that Spring is coming! 


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How do you catch the buffalo?

"We don't fish for the fish. Ninety percent of what I like about this sport -- and it is a sport -- is sitting in the boat doing nothing. And the icing on the cake is when God smiles on you and you hook one." - Hank Hill