My Foray into Microfishing

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My Foray into Microfishing

Hi All, Summer is time for family so all my close by spots seem to have become inactive during the summer heat here in Ontario. There were a couple of areas I spotted with small fish so I thought I would give microfishing a try. I thought it would be tough to get into but on another news group some recommended I use by UL rod with some light weight tippet and some small flies. It didn't sound so difficult so I though what the heck... Nothing earth shattering but just thought I would share my small specimens. 

A small Pumpkin seed:





A Small Bluegill:


A small Creek Chub


A Common Shiner


A small Smallmouth Bass:


A small Fallfish:

Carp Chaser
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Some nice catches you got the

Some nice catches you got there. That small fallfish is pretty cool looking as are the sunfish and other micros. I'm using some small midge hooks at the moment which work great, I think they're size 26, I also got some of the nicer Owner hooks that I'm saving for when I'm at a great micro hole cause I don't want to snag one on the bottom and lose it. 

"There's always a bigger fish"