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Monday, May 25, 2015
Pikeminnow, Northern
21 inches, 3 lbs, 7 ounces

Oh me, oh my! The pikeminnow (along with Peamouth and Largescale suckers) have returned to the mouth of creeks at Lake Koocanusa, a reservoir before the Kootenai River. This hog did not fail to disappoint, and put up a great fight. Some measurements, a pic or two, and he was swimming back into the depths.


andy's picture

That's a great catch, I'm drooling over here...

CoolWater's picture

Awesome fish, no idea they grew to that size!

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Mike B's picture

Right on Gabe. Love the reports from the West -- and the monster pike minnows you post.Definitely at the top of my wishlist.


mike b

Gabe the Trash Fish Angler's picture

I gotta say, I look up to you guys with all the spectacular fish you catch. I really appreciate your comments! My neck-of-the-woods does have a few gems, like these Pikeminnow.

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Man you get some cool looking fish out there.

Pikeminnows are so rad. Such a shame that hardly anybody gets that. I dream of catching all species of Pikeminnow....


Fishn sure is neat