Molly, Sailfin Accidental Drum Addict

Molly, Sailfin
An unnamed pond at the Apalacicola National Estuarine Research Reserve-Unit 4
Date Caught: 
Wednesday, April 5, 2017
Honestly no Idea how this little one took the fly. The spot on the tail threw me off for a while well I was working on the ID, about a month after I caught it a friend pointed out that the spot was just some organic matter from the surroundings and I decided flagfish. Thanks to Finnafish for catching my error.


A sailfin molly.

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First the darter and now this, thanks for the help. Saw what were definely flagfish in that pond, perhaps this spring I'll  get an actual one. 

Lucky. This is one of the hardest fish I've ever tried to catch, if that molly actually at your fly, you deserve a trophy

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These guys and some other micros that I didn't catch I did not have iddued getting aggresion. Chummed the water with Bread and Shrimp shreds and put a little shrimp on the fly and they were readily striking it. The issue was getting the fly in the mouth and witht his fish I do wonder sometimes if the fish hooked itself or if I got lucky on the set. The fish I could not get to bite where the large adult flagfish and some silvery shad-type thing. 

They were flagfish. Large adult mollies have color too. Mollies do not bite, flagfish do. The other fish was probably a threadfin shad. I just fished for this species for 3 hours and didnt get a bite. There were hundreds around