Minnesota Two Line Fishing Bill

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Tyler W
Minnesota Two Line Fishing Bill


A heads up to all the Minnesotians that a Two Line Fishing Stamp was included in the Senate Environmental Bill. 

Please, contact your State House Representative and tell them to support this provision! Since it is already included in the Senate bill, we are half way to a $5 two line stamp! 


Look up your State Representative here - https://www.gis.leg.mn/iMaps/districts/




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this is neat. How neat is that! 5 bucks and no more looking over my shoulder all the damn time for authorities type figures    uhh perhaps I meant “golly what a law abiding angler I’ve strived to be all these years two lines sure will be a change of pace!

Ya just Can't catch um from the couch.

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You guys can only use one

You guys can only use one line in open water!?

Dr Flathead
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Yup. Two on the ice and one

Yup. Two on the ice and one for open water. But you can use two while fishing Wisconsin/Minnesota border waters, which helps ease the sting a bit.

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I knew two during the ice

I knew two during the ice season, but damn. Props to all you MN folks slaying it with one rod.

Tyler W
One line - kind of...

What makes the MN one line law particularly silly is all of the exceptions. You can use two lines on waters that border other states. You can use two lines on the ice. You can use two lines on Lake Superior. 

You can also use three hooks when targeting sunfish or trout. 

But you can't use two lines anywhere else. I don't understand why you can't use two lines at least for underutilized species or species that are 99% C&R. 


The more I think about it the less fair it seems. If you have money and a boat you can fish with side scan sonar and a trolling motor that will drive you to the fish on the sonar. That isn't illegal. But if you fish from shore you are expected to watch one bobber until it goes under. Many people in MN think two lines isn't fair chase.


But do we put any limits on electronics or the amount of light coming off a fish shooting boat?  

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I could not agree with you more. 
Fear of changes and money are the big factors here in my thoughts. Using one line reduces my want to fish in MN. I currently have year license in WI, MN, and IA and I usually don't fish inland MN only border waters. If it were not for the rule of needing my home state license I may not even buy a MN license except for the roundup.

It is all perspective!

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Beverly riffles
Only two lines

I always thought we were backwards down here in the tall corn state however we do have an automatic two lines for everybody and for about thirteen or fourteen bucks we can have a third line. When they are biting I call this Bohemian lunacy as I miss all three potential fish. But it keeps my ticker clicking and once in a while Fish on two poles at once.


Beverly riffles
Checked today

Fourteen bucks a year for third pole license. I checked today thought it was maybe $13 but it’s $14. I like it when fishing at night with “slow” big baits for catfish. Only used one pole tonight and caught two rainbows. 


Tyler W
Conference Committee

The Two-Line fishing provision is in the Senate Environmental Omnibus bill but not the House version. 


Make some time to email the members on the Conference Comittee. They are going to negotiate a compromise between the two versions. And if they don't think anyone cares about two line fishing they will cut it!