Micro-fishing line/rig spool

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Micro-fishing line/rig spool

I like to pre-assemble my micro-fishing rigs as the complete setup is easily attached/detached from the end of my Soyokaze micro fishing rod with its flexible lilian.  I have been winding them around rectangles cut from meat tray styrofoam, but I wanted to make something to minimize the kinks created and a bit nicer from wood that would function much like the spools used by many Tenkara fishermen.  I enjoy carving also, so wanted to prototype a concept that could then be used as a palette for enhancement or personalization.  This is what I've come up with so far.  I took it with me on my last trip to Ohio and it works fine.  Next edition will have the "V" notches at either end a bit narrower to hold the end of the fine line.  I'll probably see if I can use a slit with the grain that will be strong enough to last and be functional.

The spool can be slipped over the collapsed rod to contain the still attached line assemble while moving between fishing spots - though my picture does not have the line attached.  The delicate tip of the rod is best protected this way when traversing through brush or other obstacles.  

Micro-fishing line spool

Micro-fishing line spool with Daiwa Soyokaze rod

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Arlan, that is a beautiul

Arlan, that is a beautiul peice of craftsmanship, a but like the antler line holders on tenkarabum.com. I am also working on a rig winder, not as awsome as yours though! 



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I am just seeing this now! Wonderful. Very well done. I think I've been inspired....... to wait for you to sell these!

Carpy Diem!