MeatEater fishing show about Big Mouth Buffalo

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Tyler W
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MeatEater fishing show about Big Mouth Buffalo
The MeatEater has a fishing spin off called Das Boat. Sunday they released an episode specifically about Big Mouth Buffalo in Minnesota. They specifically address the research done by Alec Lackman and the lack of protections/ regulations. The show is excellent with great production values. There are a few redhorse and sucker balls thrown in as well. And to top it off, the episode has over 97,000 views in two days. 2,700 likes and only 28 "dislikes". The comments on the video are overwhelmingly positive. Please like and share the video. Hopefully we'll get more content like this from MeatEater and Das Boat.
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Spotted the hat right off the

Spotted the hat right off the bat.  Good episode and representation. is timeless 


DavidG Blog:

Eric Kol
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Ambassador W

Caught the show when the episode dropped. Way to go man. Not only did you get the buff, you got it on a Keiryu rod! You did a great job as an ambassador for under appreciated fish and for the long lived buffs in particular.

Carpy Diem!