Meat Treats

Saturday, February 27, 2016
Trout, Brook

I almost never target brookies so going 2 for 3 on these was eventful for me. Caught on a tubejig in shallow water at the mouth of a creek. 


andy's picture

Those are beauties.  I'm drooling over here...

Mike B's picture

Very nice man! Hey, what's up with that reel, is it supposed to be bent like that?

D.T.'s picture

That J.M. meatstick work good for ya? And Mike, I believe that is a reel designed for ice fishermen who where bulky gloves?

Mike B's picture

Huh, can't find any information about it.

Eli's picture

Mike, it's the HT Accucast. Decent reel for the money. 

Mike B's picture

Cool, I think I might order one.

Lake Kantelljuhwhar's picture

 Hi Eli,

I'm wondering whether you've found any 'Québec Red Trout' (relict Arctic Char Salvelinus alpinus) in any of the lakes on the granite hills north of the Ottawa River between Ottawa and Montral while brook trout fishing?  Any left?

We supposedly have Arctic Char in many lakes here in Newfoundland but they are apparantly hard to catch because I've never picked one up while ice fishing...  there must be some special tactic or strategy to get them, possibly fishing very deep or on some kind of structure that the 'muds' (brook Trout) avoid.


Eli's picture

I'm aware of two lakes that have them. One is pay access only and you have to deal with annoying Quebecois types. The other is a huge lake with a public launch. I've fished neither, but have seen photos of them caught. Honestly, at an average size of 10'', I'm hardly moved to spend a season trying to figure them out. I mean, there are arctic char and then there are arctic char! 


There are other lakes that have them. I'm sure if you look on the websites of the various ZECs and private 'domaines' around Quebec you'll get more info (i.e. domaine boismenu).

Lake Kantelljuhwhar's picture

Thanks for the information.

I like a challenge!  They're rare, they're mysterious and endangered, and they look very different from those arctic Arctic Char.  The pond in central Newfoundland that I ice fish in every year has them but I've never seen one among all the Ounanich and Mud Trout pulled out of holes so I'm feeling left out!