March Madness

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Casey Shanaberger
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March Madness

Finally managed to key in on fish, even with the water in my local rivers rising 10+ feet in just a few days.

Before the flooding from the bomb-cyclone Winter Storm Ulmer, the river was low and crystal clear, and I managed a few buffalo, and even a medium sized muskie!

 Oddly enough, Muskie are not stocked in this river, which begs the question, Where did it come from? Was it native? Possibly. Was it stocked accidentally with pike? Also possible. Did it go over 3 spillways from an upstream reservoir where they are stocked, and one of those dams has a fish gate to block fish from going over said spillway? Also possible again. 


After the rains, and 12" of snow melting in just two days, some flooding was due. Thankfully, Central Iowa avoided most of the destructive flooding, but we still had a few things go awry in the floodwaters. A bike bridge over one of my favorite fishing spots collapsed, destroying a huge logjam that I caught dozens of good fish out of, and closing the bike path I used to get there.


There were a few other pictures I took of the floods.


Same place, 15+ foot difference in water levels....


I decided to start fishing one of my favorite high-water spots pretty faithfully for the next week.


Success was had. Later that week the ponds finally broke open and I was able to land my first Largemouth Bass of the year.

Success was had during March, and now that the water temperatures are steadily rising again, I have begun to plan for the blue sucker run in Southern Iowa, and have them in my crosshairs for later in the spring! 


Happy trails, friends!


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I absolutely love the bigmouths, can you explain how you are targeting them?  Awesome catches all around!  

Casey Shanaberger
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i threw $15 worth of canned corn into the water over those 2 weeks, managed to get them feeding reliably on something I could control, and eventually they would eat a piece of corn with a hook in it.

"I swear if you catch another drum"

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nice fishes!

Carp Chaser
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Very high level fishing Casey

Very high level fishing Casey! You are quite the inspiration for me, the bigmouth buffs on corn is a really cool method I might have to try despite the regs... Interesting also how those buffs are commonly caught in the cold early part of spring when other types of food aren't available yet. Have seen this before (that's my nemesis fish.) And even a musky to top it off.

"There's always a bigger fish"