Lucky # 7

Sunday, February 19, 2017
Whitefish, Lake
21 Inches

Caught my PB and first ever lake whitefish on a tiny jig in shallow water.  This one makes lucky #7 new species for me this year.  Yellow bass, burbot, splake, rainbow smelt, lake trout, gizzard shad, and now a whitefish!! 6 trips targeting specific fish and 7 new fish species for my book and all but the shad thru the ice!!  We caught it after reading everything we could on whitefish here and watching youtube videos about them.  Andy was right these fish do swim in the shallows and right during the middle of the day too.  Some other people had caught one fishing for walleyes but it was not a big one like these, it was only about 12 inches long and they were in deeper water.  My brother caught one too but mine was bigger! 8)

My brothers and mine, he stole my fish for this picture, mine was longer and his was fatter:

The ice is very flooded right now, we had water gushing down our holes by the end of the day, when this happened we seen a few more but they were coming thru really really fast I don't think they liked all that new water coming in and it made it harder to see them so they didn't stick around anymore.


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That's an awesome and beautiful fish, congratulations on catching it! Would love to see one of those, I've been trying for them for a while with no luck. 

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I don't think they are really that hard to catch, they are just really hard to find, like black buffs! 8)

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Nice fish!  I haven't yet seen any whites, mostly because I live in Pennsylvania.


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Beast of a Whitefish there dude!

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Thanks guys!!  It was really fun to watch them swim in and hit my jig!

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Thank you sir! 8)

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They're tough customers. Well done!




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Thanks Eli!  It was a great fighter and tasted super good smoked.

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You, sir, have had one heck of a 2017. Congrats on a monster of a 7th lifer!

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