The Lost Mike B Expeditions

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The Lost Mike B Expeditions


Mike B is well-known for his fantastic Expedition Reports.  After Photobucket became stupid and stopped working, Mike put in the time to go back into his reports and update the image links (hopefully setting a precedent).  Thanks again, Mike!  He then said he wanted to take some of his longer, in-depth Forum posts from the old board and make them into Expedition Reports.  Of course we said go for it!  The expeditions listed below are NEW but also dated properly to show up in the Reports archive, and you will find them there.  Additionally, I figured a post like this highlighting all of his old (new) posts  would be a good idea.  There are some seriously awesome things hidden in these stories.





Trip to Bighill Lake Sub Island Outing Multi-species honeymoon to the Alaskan Highway
River whitefish October - Yellowknife River Bachelor Party Fishin' - big waves, big fish and a new lifelister
South Slave Gold Close to home East Arm adventure, Inconnu and Other Beasties
Pike Mania Back to the Liard Deh Cho road trip: grayling, Liard burbot and new lifelister
Burbot Dissection  Lake Trout Heaven Fall time in the Northwest Territories 
Ice fishing at last Freshwater fishing in Costa Rica Deh Cho spring trip 2012
Ciscoes and Whitefish Lake Trout, Burbot and Northern Pike Round whitefish, not so elusive anymore
Arctic Angling Adventure Barren Lands Fishing in Fall Snatching victory from the bowfin of defeat
Roughie-ing it in the Arctic Whitefish and White Suckers in the Land of the Midnight Sun  
Bullhead nostalgia Four days - 1,500 miles Visit to the Northwest Territories

















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How's a guys supposed to get any work done durring the day, when there's this much sheer awesomeness staring me in the face. Guess I know what I'm doing for the next hour or so...

Always love seing the cool stuff from Mr. B. Would love to make it up that far north some day. Thanks for posting these!