Look Who It Is

Monday, August 27, 2018
12 1/4 inches

If there’s still a bit of crawler on your hook, cast it out, even if everything else is already packed up.

A couple nights ago I was down at the river and Joel had already packed up and went to the car. I had casted out and was determined to get one more fish. It wasn’t long before I saw a little tapping on my rod. I set the hook and whatever I had on didn’t feel like the little bullhead I had caught earlier. I pulled it up and I knew immediately what I was looking at. I shouted for Joel. It took a few yells before he came running. I didn’t tell him what it was. I didn’t need too. He saw it and jokingly said “$”&) you.” I couldn’t have imagined I would be catching that species that day. I didn’t even have to travel far from home at all. This is why it was so special. I was so excited to find this species in my area. I made sure it swam away strong.


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I love hogsuckers, congrats on getting a cool lifer.



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Nice catch!

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Awesome, heck of a lifer there, goth chicks rock, gotta love their black lipstick and hungry disposition!

Ya just Can't catch um from the couch.

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Sweet deal!

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Very difficult to catch in Missouri but I caught one on the North fork of the White River on a Pather Mather Black with yellow spots

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Sweet catch!

"There's always a bigger fish"