Longnose are in.

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Longnose are in.

I tried my hand at fishing for longnose sucker for the second time Saturday near Duluth and found a few rather large specimens in the river. They seemed pretty uninterested in biting as I only had two bites in a little over two hours but the one I ended up catching was large, 20" and full of spawn.

The only other time I fished them was in late May further up the shore. That morning they seemed very eager to bite. Any thoughts on why they were so tight lipped Saturday? Was it that I was fishing them midday or are pre-spawn fish much less interested in biting while the late May post spawn fish I last encountered were more focused on feeding? Thoughts?




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Nice work.  I've run across longnose on the north shore that refused to move or show any interest in bait.  There was low water flow and no place for them to go - so they seemed to be almost hibernating.  Tough to say exactly what makes them want to bite, but it's interesting to hear about it.

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I've run across pods of

I've run across pods of longnose in shallow runs that show no interest in crawlers or yarn flies set right in front of them, but just up river 30 minutes later we were catching them out of deeper pools (this was on a NS stream).  I assume that meant if they were in the "mode" they weren't going to feed.