Lifelister from the Root

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Lifelister from the Root


It was a cold and rainy day on the Root River.  Andy and I ventured out to connect with our first suckers of the season.  None were spawning, although one shorthead had tubercules and some white suckers were squirting milt.  We caught a lot of shorthead redhorse, including some sizeable ones, white suckers, northern hog suckers, and beefy smallmouth bass.


Oh, and one black redhorse. 



Oh what a feeling.  What a great way to start the year!

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congrats on an awesome lifer!

such a cool catch and a nice pic to boot!  one of these days I'll get mine...

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good job!

well done mr.persistent. you deserve that one. major congrats from me

Dr Flathead
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And a nice looking pic of

And a nice looking pic of that Black to boot.  Congrats!

Haha, I just realized Tony said the same thing.  It is a nice looking pic though...

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Congrats on the lifer!!

Congrats on the lifer!!




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great catch

Corey definitely has a knack for systematically working a piece of water over,.and it sure paid off with this gem of a catch. Kudos brother! I will continue to chase the elusive black redhorse...

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Hey Andy

Great job on the photo!  Thanks!  You took fifteen shots and they all sucked except for this one/  My camera is all fubarred.

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Congrats on the achievement

Congrats on the achievement

Your momma fishes for lifers with Eagle Claws.
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that's why I didn't take 14 photos

Glad one of them turned out haha

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And a beautiful photo, indeed!

So now you have all the MN Redhorse to your name, and deservedly so.

That's a pretty exclusive club, I do believe....


That spot looks familiar...

Many congrabyoulations.

Fishn sure is neat



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Congrats Corey

I was fishing that very spot religiously every weekend last year starting on April 9th and didn't get my Black Redhorse until May 16th.  It just goes to show how early this spring is this year.

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Congrats sir, not only is it

Congrats sir, not only is it a lifer but the last remaining Minnesota Moxostoma species you hadnt captured. Welcome to The Order Of The Minnesota Moxostoma Mad Men.

Forty 4


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Suitable for framing indeed! 

Suitable for framing indeed!  Great work, SWEET fish. I was down in that country on Saturday and can attest that you really earned that prize with the conditions that morning. 

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Ooooh! Pretty fishie!

Congrats Corey!


Amazing coloration on that black redhorse! The fins are gorgeous, and it looks like it's wearing lip gloss! (@-@) You shoulda kissed it Corey - right on the fishlips! ;) 

"Can you pull the leviathan in with a fishook?" Job 41: 1


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It was

It was beautiful, Heidi.  After trying for them for 15 years, cataloguing every sighting, and trudging through a hundred cow pastures in fruitless searches, I did want to kiss it when it came to hand.  Now, to catch a new species of redhorse, I have to travel far away.  It's the end of part of my life. 

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Wow! What a catch!

Wow! What a catch!

I've seen a lot of photos of black redhorse (well, there aren't really a lot out there, so it's relative) and that's the best one I've seen by far.



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Great looking fish Corey. I

Great looking fish Corey. I have high hopes for 2012.

mike b

angry mongrel
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Good deal bud! Least you got

Good deal bud! Least you got the one positive shot!

"It is better to die on your feet than to live on your knees" -Emiliano Zapata

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Sweet man!

The more pictures I see of them, the less I have to depend on their scale count.  They are beautiful and have the sexiest cobalt/steel look to them.  Good job man, and all 6 species to boot.  I'm still lingering on waiting for my 1 River Red to hit and I'll be there too.  "Moose's Mad Men Mox Club" Fo' Sho".

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Awesome man, a fine fish

Awesome man, a fine fish indeed.