The largest 'minnow I've ever held!!!

Tuesday, June 6, 2017
Pikeminnow, Northern
5 lbs 12 oz, 25.75 inches

Wow... I had made a goal for myself to break the 5lb - mark for a pikeminnow. I went out to a small creek mouth, not expecting much from it. I tossed a 3/4 silver Little Cleo into the backwater nonchalantly. I felt the lure get bumped several times before this giant ate it! This is easily the biggest Northern Pikeminnow I have ever caught, landed, and held in my hands. A pristine specimen, my fellow anglers! Pikeminnow are awesome. cool Truly, a treasured and memorable catch. One can only walk away with a smile and pride.


P.S. This one still doesn't hold up to the Montana state record of 7.88 lbs and 27 inches!


UpperMi roughangler's picture

Man that is a freakin pig! Very cool fish, definately on the list for me.

Gabe the Trash Fish Angler's picture

You shold definitely try for these badboys someday

Hengelaar's picture

Man, you just keep getting better ones!

The bigger they are, the radder they look!

Awesome catch.

Fishn sure is neat

Gabe the Trash Fish Angler's picture

I agree! They look cooler and cooler the bigger they get. 

Susquehannock's picture

Beast pikeminnow! The biggest (native) minnow I've ever caught was around three pounds, and it didn't look nearly as cool as that.


Gabe the Trash Fish Angler's picture

They are pretty cool fish, aren't they?

Mike B's picture

Jesus Almighty man, that beast is spectacular!

mike b

Eli's picture

Spectacular fish. 

Now go out there and get a 6




Cast_and_Blast's picture

It appears that you have mastered that species.  Very cool fish Gabe.

Treble Hook's picture

That's a monster! I caught some big ones out of Flathead lake a couple weeks ago but nothing near that size! Last summer I had a 4lb'er inhale a 5" swimbait that I was using for pike in Swan Lake. They are some impressive fish for sure!