Lake Whitefish

Sunday, February 21, 2016
Whitefish, Lake
24 5/8"

Surprise catch while targetting Lake Trout in northern first applicant fish to the Michigan DNR's Master Angler program. Caught on a minnow near the bottom in 95 FOW.


Corey's picture

That's a TANK whitefish and a real trophy. Congrats!

Eli's picture

Beautiful specimen!




Mike B's picture

Your ice fishing weather looks a lot better than mine. Nice looking whitey man!

mike b

Graceclaw's picture

Someone's showing off his whitey-tighteys

2018 Goals:
Quillback (Check)
10#+ Flathead Catfish
5 New Standard Species (Current Count: 6 - Check)

andy's picture

Great fish, and great photo

FishingPals4Life's picture

Awesome!! Great fish dude!!

Hengelaar's picture

Hooooooh! That is a beauty, man! Damn, they look so cool....

Fishn sure is neat