Lake MI Coaster

Friday, September 30, 2016
lake run

It's so good to know that the Coasters of Lake Michigan are still alive and well and running! This is a rare fish. I've only ever seen one at a time. Sometimes one a year. But when I see a Coaster, it's huge and colorful!


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One more pic

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That is an unreal catch.  I just gave you the Golden Fish award and the Front Page because of how awesome it is.  Way to go man, that fish is just a rare and beautiful work of art.

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I guess it is front page worthy because Coasters are just getting so rare because of all the salmon. I can walk along this little trib and see dozens of kings and pinks. Yet I only see one Coaster. It's sad when you think about it. We had these native fish that run just like salmon. I can't imagine in the days of old when there must have been hundreds of these fish in a single creek.

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Dang! That's no trout, it's a battle station! 

"There's always a bigger fish"

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Jesus man, that's one of the most epic brookies I've ever seen.

mike b

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That's an incredible fish. That kype is out of this world. Fantastic fish!

All fish are beautiful.

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That thing is amazing dude sweet catch!

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Holy crap, it's unreal.

What an amazing fish, dude!

Fishn sure is neat

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Pretty much nothing everyone else aint already said yet. Such a spectacular catch. Supergrats to ya.

What D.T. said......and hopefully that gorgeous beast found enough other coasters and spawned successfully in spite of being crowded out. Any conservation efforts in the works to help these irrelaceable native trout?

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I know there are quite a few Superior tribs that have special regulations or areas where you have to immediately release brook trout. Out of Lake Superior proper, you can only keep one and it must be 20 inches or more. However, I don't think the DNR is doing anything for the Lake Michigan fish. As far as I know, there are no special regs for Lake MI brook trout. What's even more awesome about this fish is that large brook trout are sometimes stocked in Superior but never in Lake MI so this fish is pure native. Wild. Whatever you like to call it.

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That truly is a once in a lifetime fish for most of us!

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It looked like a different one underwater but I knew it was a Brookie because I could see the white-edged fins. I made up my mind that I would not leave until he would bite. Eventually he did and I was somewhat surprised to see that it appeared to be the same one. That just shows how few of these things there are.


Oh and I had a tape measure this time (for once). He was 21.5 inches long! I just hope that guy finds some of his girlfriends and is able to spawn in peace. 

The truely amazing thing is that you released that beauty - good on you. To be brutally honest, if I caught a fish like that I would have a real hard time putting it anywhere other then my living room wall, where I could look at it every dam day. Again, good for you on the catch & good for you on the release.

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He understands that larger specimens are more important for reproduction :)

We also have a native taxidermist who does amazing replicas; no need to kill the fish with Josh Knuth around.

Wow...unbelievable fish. Outstanding. 

Fishermen sit around thinking about outlier situations that might occur as they fish through their lifetime....

"Hey maybe I'll catch that 54 inch midwest Pike that wieghs 47 pounds" Or, "holy shit I just caught a 6.9 pound smallmouth"

That brookie is one of those situations, Congrats!




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Great catches!

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I'm without words. A native Coaster, out of Lake Michigan, and 21.5". That might be the most impressive Brook Trout I've ever seen a picture of that's come out of US waters, including Maine. Gonna leave it at that, and I have to say I'm very thoroughly impressed man.

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absolutely undeniably and positively THE porkiest chunk of trout fish in the history of porky chunks of fish pork! my god! What a Ham! sweet catch dudeman! Awesome to know there are still native/wild chunkers finning around. I sure do hope he finds some super sexy sassy brookie broads to contiue that olympic sized gene pool.

Ya just Can't catch um from the couch.

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arencha glad i was there to take them pictures 

Logan R Vertz

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Oh ya bud!