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Yeah that Seasonal Affective Disorder hits a lot of us here in the Northern region come January.  I personally tend to stay inside more often when it's below zero, and just not being out in the woods and on the water for weeks at a time gets depressing.  


It's great that you were able to go South and wet a line, and thanks for sharing your trip.  Cool that you got a lifer sunfish and eel, and man I'm sure that big monster that kicked your butt will haunt you for a while.  

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Way Neat!

Man I was waiting for this! Awesome!! Your dad looks just like you...except with less hair. SUPER rad you got your Eels! MAJOR bummer about losing the Gar but I'm sure it will only make you want it that much more. Thanks for the much anticipated report Tom! I gotta get down down to bayou country some day. I heard the duck hunting is just as good as the fishing!

Ya just Can't catch um from the couch.

Wes Ketchum
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Next time you're down here, I

Next time you're down here, I'd hit up the Orleans Canal where City Park meets 610. There are pumps there and when the water is moving a little bit the gar ready get going. I've seen spotted, short nose, long nose and alligator gar in there before (I was searching for Rio Grande Cichlids). Once the weather warms up I paln to leave the fly rod at home to catch an alligator gar myself.  

Wes Ketchum

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Thanks dudes.

It was a lot of fun. We tried the Pontch side of Orleans canal, but had no luck.  I can't wait to go back when its warmer.  Goldy, there are so many different kinds of waterfowl down there. You'd have a blast!     Here are some vids for your enjoyment.