A June Burbot

Monday, June 5, 2017

Me and my friend UpperMi roughangler and I caught this ghost out of a river that has a surface temp roughly 60 degrees. I seen my rod tipping a tiny bit and I thought it was a bullhead at first so I was reeling in I seen it and thought bowfin then I seen the one littel barbel thats when I knew I just caught a ghost of a warm water river


Moose439's picture

Kick ass dude. Very jealous...

andy's picture

Way to go, i think this years button has very good mojo!

Reeluppermichiganfisher's picture

Thank you, Jonah was jealous too!!

Logan R Vertz

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Wow!! Dude that is so awesome, I've only ever caught one and it was thru the ice, it's also the only one I've ever seen, they are one of the coolest fish ever, they look like leopards with their markings!  That's really awesome congratulations!